3 Types of Maintenance Triggers

A maintenance program can be a hassled up business for a facility manager since there will be operational issues which need to be dealt with earlier or later. It is essential that there should be a set of reminder systems which is set up into the CMMS software to alert the fact that a particular operation is pending or it needs to be looked out for. There is more than one type of triggers and various means through which the system can alert the concern.

The following are the three types of maintenance triggers:

  • Breakdown Trigger
  • The breakdown trigger gives a cue to the organisation regarding the piece of equipment or machinery that has failed or is unable to operate in its current state. The failure of the machine may be minute or requires serious attention where the trigger makes sure that there is immediate maintenance scheduled so that the equipment resumes back to its efficient working condition. The breakdown trigger is essential when a particular organisation is running a bulk of equipment which is not only low cost but is also easy to replace because of the available replacement parts which result in minimising downtime. The Breakdown Triggers are generally associated with corrective, reactive and run-to-failure modes of maintenance, but the trigger is rarely seen as a part of corporate or credible approved maintenance strategy. The breakdown trigger cannot be prompted by the CMMS package since they are activated after a failure.
  • Condition Trigger
  • The condition trigger thoroughly assesses the equipment and then decides the equipment, i.e. whether the equipment is appropriate to be kept or whether it requires maintenance. It is because of this decision-based requirement that condition trigger is labour intensive and complex where it is highly essential that the maintenance team should have a strong knowledge about the equipment which is dealt with. This is hugely required since there should be an informed decision made regarding the condition of the equipment. The assessment of the equipment can be done in many cases where it allows the sensors to monitor and gauge the aspects like vibration, temperature, and also noise to pick out any relative change in the equipment which may indicate the need for maintenance. Through the automated machine, there can be zero periodic assessment which in turn reduces the maintenance cost of the machinery.
  • Time Trigger
  • The time trigger alerts the need for maintenance at a set time interval by the user. This is one of the most frequently used trigger for evaluating the need for support. This type of maintenance trigger is used for simple maintenance tasks like performing inspections on the equipment, etc.

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