Importance of Work Order Management

The work order management is considered as a timely process of the work order which might sound simple and easy but can be a complex process if done on paper or by hand. In order to make sure that there is a smooth work order management process, the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) or the EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) can be used so that the process is automated and there is also a streamline in the work order from beginning to end.

Below are the tasks which are handled by the work order management system:

  • Resource availability and assignment
  • Warranty tracking
  • Processing work requests
  • Open work order tracking
  • Extensive data mining
  • Scheduled job information

The above tasks can be broken down into smaller tasks where the main work order management begins with the creation of work orders and then the prioritization of these work orders. The priority of the work is assumed by the criticality of the service to be performed and also with the criticality of equipment. The criticality can be mainly established in advanced for each repair and equipment, which further makes the job of the scheduled manager easier when ascertaining the priority of the daily assignments. Through this, the essential job is done first and if there is any backlog, it would be for the non-essential jobs.

By using the CMMS and EAM software, the work order management can be done efficiently and the software will also help in:

  • Reducing repair cost and downtime
  • Managing the work orders in a timely manner
  • Eliminating the paperwork
  • Increasing the productivity
  • Managing the inventory

By using the maintenance software, one can organize and manage the work orders. For example, one can create detailed job steps which result in zero guesswork and each job is performed in a detailed manner. This will be helpful to track the insurance or the regulatory purposes. The further planning of the scheduled work can also be done through the software.

In order to bring all these essential elements together, bringing in the maintenance software is extremely essential. The software also saves the time and money and also improves the safety and uptime.

Work order management is essential and right for the business so that one can manage the work orders effectively and also keeps the equipment operating at optimal levels.