10 reasons your company needs Facility Management Software

10 reasons your company needs Facility Management Software Managing and maintaining a company is more than a big deal because there are a lot of things to take care of, like machinery, vehicles, property and corporate assets.

Implementing facility management software will help your company to:

Have a proper sustainability

It is noted that 30% of the energy is wasted by commercial buildings. This can be curbed down by the software, through which you will be able to track the consumption and energy costs of a long-term value.

Attain visibility

Upon research, it was known that 51% of the facility managers do not use a system and mostly rely on pen and paper which results in a higher risk of inaccuracy. Through the software, your company will be able to understand the operating cost.

Improve cost efficiency

Cost efficiency is an important criterion which needs to be taken care of by companies. Through the FM software, your company will be able to reduce the maintenance cost by 3.3% and will also be able to improve the resource allocation and cut expenses.

Maintain control

Through the maintenance tool provided by the software, your company will be able to upkeep and automate the asset management. It is estimated that 53% of the FM software is used by the companies in order to improve the record keeping.

Increase flexibility

FM software provides a lot of services for your company like workplace management, space management, energy management, and building automation. Through the abundance of services, your company will have access to a lot of flexible services.

Avail property management

The FM software is always at your company’s service in helping with tasks like conference scheduling and room booking or for any situation where your company needs to plan the use of building area for a particular time.

Manage fleet and traffic

The FM software helps companies to track the corporate fleets or individual trucks which enter and exit the facility. The software feature also helps to plan the traffic flow or to mark the area of property in the facility which has special access.

Have proper security

FM software provides remote security for any facility i.e. a remote control that could lock and unlock door gates where the manager can operate these aspects in real time.

Handle heating and cooling

Through this software, your company will be able to manage the heat and cool or set a programmable thermostat in order to move the temperatures all day. The energy cost can also be saved through this software.

Have easy workspace management

This software helps the company offer a wide range of workspace management tools and also provide adequate support for people who have to keep the company under function.Thus, the facility management software is a dire need for every company.