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With Piqotech’s Facility Management Software, you can plan, manage and track company’s facility operations. Piqotech is more efficient in executing administrative activities. Properties available, property tenants, air conditioning & other pieces of equipment are inspected, repaired and maintained correctly.

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Facility Management Software
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Features of Facility Management Software

Highlighting Features of Facility Management Software?

Some highlighting features of the PiqoTech Facility Management Software include Data Management tools, real-time analytics and correlative database.

Facility Manage Software is used mainly for managing contractors, services, regulatory compliance, property management, corporate fleets, workspace range, and maintenance check also plays an essential role in saving time.

Why You Require Facility Management Software?

The assets and expenses can be represented by the facilities available in the company or solutions, and they help in enhancing your results, risk-minimizing and for lowering costs. In the recent years, Facility Management has gradually increased due to the benefits they offer to your business. Some of them include

1. Possibility to do smarter work with the help of Intelligent Application and IT Systems.
2. Improvement in the organizational efficiency.
3. Low-cost budget and working process.
4. Usage of a Single Software platform for various developments of your business.
5. Piqotech’s mobile-first CMMS makes it more responsive, they are capable of accessing & maintaining the complete details and issues that occur in the primary infrastructure.

Both local and international associations support Facility Management, and there are around 22,000 members worldwide who are recognized for professions in the International Facility Management Association.

Importance of Facility Management Software

PiqoTech Facility management Software helps you to offer higher standards, enhance productivity, reduce space and also lessens the overall cost of the facility in your business or workplace. The CMMS facility management software aids in managing, assessing and reporting any dynamic activities around the facilities.

Facility Management Software meets the needs of the shareholders directly as they have the information of the facilities updated anywhere and anytime easily. The interactive floor plans are completely noted and maintained in the database of the facility management software.

The CMMS product is able to synchronize any information and other data like manuals, photos etc and accessing is also made easier.

We at PiqoTech offer different facilities to manage from workshops to warehouses, and the software can control the structures, grounds, buildings etc. in a more precise way.

We also develop different management modules like inspection management, facility maintenance assessments, and conditions, track and manage the order of works etc. in a more accessible way.

The integrations that we provide at Piqotech can help your organization to solve problems regarding the platform and the tools used, this makes streamlining easier and also able to make your custom designs as per the need in an efficient way.

At Piqotech, we offer various integrations services like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), QR (Quick Response), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification and software for identifying barcodes.

The software is also able to find out the proper schedule repairs, order for the monitor works, workers, fund transfer or allocations, facility calculations for adding up great values.

You can also make use of our integration platforms like Slack, Visual Directories, Google Calendar etc. to schedule administrative tasks in a simple way.

Piqotech ensures the clients of the asset type, the primary purpose of the assets, their life cycle, the goal of the asset and also their scope to calculate the need of the customers.

We also make use of different applications like equipment authorization, data of the asset lifecycle, rental management, history of the supplier or vendor, the schedule of the automated maintenance etc. Apart from that, with Piqotech you can track historical data, maintain portfolio management, track different information regarding the building and also focus on the financial performance and portfolio.

We offer various facility asset management strategies to go ideal with the organization initiatives, calculate the budget, cost, know the facility conditions and also maintain backlogs, develop a plan to confirm the idea and vision, manage the facilities as per the parameter budgets. With the help of benchmarks, we develop the right O & M service to reach the goal, make sure they provide the right resources and fund for discovering the process and executing the contract plan with the right staffs.

Apart from the above Facility Management we also offer Quality Management Software, Various Software Solutions, Sustainability software for the Environment, Maintenance software of prevention, Software for managing multiple projects, cloud-based facility management, software for controlling various accounts and administrations services for the clients.


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It is with great privilege and a sense of accomplishment that PiqoTech relishes its partnership with BVG upon launching its Mobile first CMMS.

Five Ways to Implement Management Software
Five Ways to Implement Management Software

It is no doubt a well-known fact that implementing a company-wide change mainly with large teams can be a monumental task which must be approached with thought and method.

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