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CargoWise Implementation Services

Navigating the logistics landscape has never been easier. With PiqoTech's CargoWise Implementation Services, you're not just getting a software setup; you're unlocking a tailored solution designed for your success. From setting up branches to crafting custom reports, we handle every detail, ensuring you get the most out of your CargoWise experience. Ready to elevate your logistics game? Let's make it happen together!

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Process Involved in Implementing CargoWise


Every successful implementation begins with understanding. At this initial stage, we immerse ourselves in your business, grasping your current processes, requirements, and aspirations for the CargoWise platform. Our team evaluates your existing IT landscape, pinpointing areas of enhancement and laying the groundwork for a seamless integration of CargoWise into your operations.

Solution Design

With a clear picture of your business needs, we transition into crafting a CargoWise solution that feels like it was made just for you. By aligning your existing processes with CargoWise workflows, we ensure that the system is not just a tool but an intuitive extension of your operations. Every configuration is tailored, ensuring that CargoWise aligns perfectly with your unique requirements.


This is where the foundational elements of your CargoWise system come to life. Our experts handle,

Setting up the organizational structure within CargoWise to mirror your business hierarchy, ensuring that each user has the right access and permissions.
Configuring the financial backbone of the system ensures that your financial data is organized, accessible, and easy to manage.
Aligning your financial reporting within CargoWise to ensure accurate tracking of your income, expenses, and compliance with taxation regulations.
Personalizing your CargoWise interface, integrating communication tools, and setting up dashboards and reports that resonate with your brand identity.
Tailoring documents and reports to fit your needs ensures that your business communicates effectively internally and externally.
Establishing user accounts, defining roles, and ensuring that each account is configured to maximize efficiency and security.


A crucial step to guarantee the reliability of the system. Post-implementation, we dive into rigorous testing of CargoWise, ensuring every feature, every workflow operates as intended. Collaborating with your team, we devise a comprehensive testing plan, ensuring that when CargoWise goes live, it does so flawlessly.


The moment of truth! With everything set up and tested, CargoWise is launched, becoming an integral part of your daily operations. Our team ensures a smooth transition with minimal disruptions, paving the way for enhanced operational efficiency.

Post Live Support

Our commitment to your success doesn't end at go-live. We stand by you, offering continuous support post-implementation. Whether addressing queries, troubleshooting issues, or providing updates, our team is always ready to ensure that your CargoWise experience remains optimal.

Benefits of CargoWise Implementation Services

Improved Visibility | Benefits of CargoWise Implementation Services
Improved Visibility and Control Over the Supply Chain

Harnessing the full potential of the CargoWise platform requires expert implementation. Our CargoWise Implementation Services ensure the platform is tailored to provide a holistic view of your supply chain. With our expert touch, every aspect, from freight forwarding to warehousing, is seamlessly integrated, offering unparalleled visibility and control. This meticulous setup streamlines operations and leads to significant cost savings.

Reduced Error and Delays | Benefits of CargoWise Implementation Services
Reduced Error and Delays

While CargoWise offers automation capabilities, the precision of our Implementation Services truly minimizes errors. We transform manual processes into automated workflows, ensuring that every step is optimized for accuracy. With our services, delays become a thing of the past, and operations run like clockwork. The result? Enhanced customer satisfaction and a noticeable increase in profitability.

Increased Scalability | Benefits of CargoWise Implementation Services
Increased Scalability

Growth is exciting, but it also brings challenges. Our CargoWise Implementation Services ensure that your logistics platform can effortlessly keep pace as your business expands. We set up CargoWise with scalability in mind, ensuring that your software is ready to support you whether you're branching into new services or expanding globally. With our services, you get a logistics solution as ambitious as yours.

Services We Offer

Setup, Implementation & Configuration

Branch, Department, and user Creation, Security Groups, and Access

Organization, Chart of Accounts, Charge Codes, Payables & Receivables

Income & Expenses, Balance Sheet & GST Setup

Email, Printer, Dashboards, and reports setup with Logo

End-to-End Training, Ad-hoc Training

Document and Report Customization

Account Setup and Configuration

BI Report for AR/AP

Multi-Language Report and Document Setups

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Why Choose PiqoTech as Your CargoWise Implementation Partner?

Expertise Meets Dedication: At PiqoTech, we combine deep domain knowledge with a genuine passion for logistics. Our team of experts has hands-on experience with the intricacies of the CargoWise platform, ensuring that your implementation is smooth and tailored to your specific needs.
Holistic Approach: We don't just focus on the technical aspects of implementation. We take the time to understand your business, its challenges, and its goals. This holistic approach ensures that the CargoWise platform is implemented and optimized for your operations.
Seamless Integration: Our team ensures CargoWise seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure. We handle everything from data migration to system compatibility, ensuring a cohesive digital ecosystem for your operations.
Continuous Support: Implementation is just the beginning of our partnership. Post-implementation, we offer continuous support, training, and updates. We're here to ensure that as CargoWise evolves, your business continues to benefit from every new feature and improvement.
Commitment to Excellence: Our reputation is built on the success of our partners. We're committed to ensuring that every CargoWise implementation we undertake meets and exceeds expectations. With PiqoTech, you're not just getting a service provider; you're gaining a partner dedicated to your success.

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