Business Security and Safety of a CMMS system

The business security and safety of a CMMS system is highly essential keeping in mind the hackers who instill trauma on CMMS systems. The pirates have used various devices like DVR’s, coffee machines and baby monitors to take down the sites like the New York Times and Twitter. Not only this, the devices which are connected to the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) are at risk too.

This problem can be avoided by the below security practices to protect the devices.

Knowing your devices - It is essential that one should know which devices are connected and what they are doing, which is a prerequisite for proper security. It is necessary that the inventory should be visible so that one can know what might be at risk of being hacked.

Using secure hosting and networks - One should make sure that the network is secure where the experts have recommended that a separate system should be created so that the potential hackers will not be able to get access to the networked devices or shared files. Another strategy which one can use is the network segmentation where the network over which the devices send information is cut up into various zones.

Usage of a Firewall - It is a smart tactic that a firewall should be used so that hackers will be at bay from communicating with your devices. Firewalls are more of gatekeepers which block the traffic, which should not be permitted to pass through. The firewalls are like customs agents or TSA who check through the luggage and the people as they enter the country. Even the policies which are programmed into the firewalls, known as white lists, are like the TSA lists of things which one cannot bring into a country.

Using Data Loss Prevention - Inbound traffic from the possible hackers is not the only thing which one should watch because one should also keep track of the data which is leaving the system; this can be done through a data loss prevention system.

Setting a strong password - Most of the devices come with a default password which is set by the vendors, which is almost to no use. It is for this essential reason that one should set a new secure password because the default passwords have the highest possibility of getting hacked.

It is through above important nitty-gritty that one can achieve business security and safety of a CMMS system because in this world of technology, getting hacked by notorious hackers can be a substantial troublesome issue. The businesses who use CMMS should take this valuable criterion as the priority for the betterment of the company.