The importance of Cryotos Software

Cryotos software is considered to be mobile-first and an easy way to use the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), enterprise asset management (EAM), and facility management (FM), which can be used across all the industries for achieving impeccable efficiency in the maintenance and the operation process.

The main features of the Cryotos software include:

1. A proper form of asset tracking and asset management
2. Efficient mobile access
3. Streamlined preventive maintenance
4. An effective work order management
5. Technician management
6. Incident management
7. Task tracking

The use of Cryotos is usually done by SMEs, startups, enterprises, agencies and it is used on platforms like windows, web app, Macintosh, iOS and Android. This software is considered to be a highly customizable and configurable template where the workflow product is for modernizing the maintenance activities. One can do preventative maintenance through the schedule jobs as well as calendar based control for monitoring of the activities in order to achieve operational efficiency. The software is built for collaboration between the field workers and the managers in their office. The maintenance teams of the organizations can also make data-driven decisions so as to streamline the process and also to double productivity.

The software is rampant with:

1. Highly flexible workflow creation
2. Fully customizable template-based UI
3. Customized dashboards and reports
4. Configurable data
5. A detailed analysis and insights
6. Precise dashboards with interactive graphs
7. Calendar based schedule tracking
8. Automation of daily, weekly and monthly schedules
9. Automation of SMS, push notifications and email
10. A scalable incident management system which is highly responsive
11. The inclusion of an admin module for the work order management

The Cryotos software is available for a free trial where the payment method of it is on a monthly basis. It has a cloud-based development type where it has an API and mobile support. It can be used for other categories like workflow management software, security management software, asset management software, plant maintenance software, facility management software and field service management software.

The Cryotos Hybrid app is developed using the Ionic 2.0 and Angular 2.0 where the Hybrid app has effective features like GPS locator, QR code scanner, and image annotation.

Through this product, there are major benefits like:
1. A reduction of 25% in the operating expenses
2. There is a 98% increase in the PM work completion
3. 30% reduction in the corrective maintenance
4. There is a 67% reduction in the maintenance data entry
5. There is an improvement of 20% in the productivity and the response
6. The savings on the parts purchased has rounded up to 30%

The ultimate goal of the software is to give the information you need so that there is a streamline in the workflow and also so that there is maximization in the workforce potential.